Protecting Your Car From The Summer Sun

At Puente Hills Nissan there are lots and lots of shiny motors, all sparkling and clean with bright paint work, but how can you be sure to keep them like that under the glaring rays of the summer sunshine? It’s not only our skin we need to protect from the harmful rays of the sun you know, cars need protection too.


You’ve got to protect your car on the outside and on the inside too. The piercing sun can oxidize the paintwork and crack the interior which will, in time start to deteriorate quite rapidly. Protecting your motor from the summer sunshine will not only keep it looking great but also help to prevent expensive repairs.

Protecting the Exterior of Your Motor

Keep it clean – if your car paintwork is covered with sand, dust and other debris it can cause scratches on the topcoat of your paint, rust marks can also appear when rain eventually arrives and mixes with dust. A regular washing will not only help to keep your car clean but also the paintwork shiny and in good condition.

Waxing – is a terrific method of protecting the paintwork of your motor from the harmful rays of the sun, also helping to repel the debris, sand and dirt which can lead to rust spots. Give your car a good polish during the spring before the full extent of the summer sun is upon us.


Battery power – as well as the paintwork the most severe summer heat can drain the life from the battery. Make sure that you regularly test the battery, keep the top of it clean and well topped up.

Park in the shade – if at all possible keep your car out of direct sunlight and park it in the shade. This will also help to keep the temperature cooler inside your car when it has been parked for a while and stop you from burning your legs on vinyl or leather seats.

Buy a cover up – covering your car really can help to protect it from the sunshine. They may not be quite as efficient as car ports and garages but made to measure covers can help to keep your car clean and protect it from all of the elements, as well as the sunshine.

Protecting the Interior of Your Motor

Windshield covers – are a great piece of kit when it comes to helping to protect your motor from the sun. This will help to prevent deterioration of the dash, center console and steering wheel as well as helping to keep the interior of your car a few degrees cooler in the heat of the summer.

Buy some sunglasses – for yourself and for your motor. Tinted windows can help to reduce the glare, the heat and the amount of UV exposure. Some companies offer an after sales window tinting service. You must, however, make sure that your tinted windows comply with state laws.


Crack your windows – leaving your windows open just a crack may not seem like much but it can really make a big difference and prevent your car from becoming an oven. Just a couple of inches can help the hot air to vent out and reduce the amount of damage and fading caused to the interior of your vehicle.

Go online and check out the great selection of new and used cars at but remember to follow these tips to prevent your car from getting sunburned. It will not only help to keep your car looking smarter for longer but can also help to save your well earned dollar.

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