Making a 3-Day Weekend Be a Memory Forever

It’s fast approaching, Memorial Day weekend. You have a day off of work and this three day weekend is either going to be wasted away in your house. Alternatively, you’re going to live a little and do something you’ll remember forever. If you want to be someone who smiles during their final years, remembering the amazing times that once were, then you need to keep reading, if you need your life as a series of forgettable moments that happen to be indistinguishable on the death bed, fine; but.

When I’m presented with a chance like a 3-day weekend, I immediately think about what I are capable of doing that will make the memory of this otherwise non-noteworthy period of time last forever. And when I think with that, I think about getting out of town and living a little. One great advantage of living in Southern California, other than the climate and great food, is the ability to hit national parks on the reg. So, what you’re planning to want to do is it if you have nothing planned for memorial day.


Grab some friends that are also trying to find something to do. Head to the jeep garden grove and get an incredible new Jeep. The deals are unbeatable for the Memorial Day weekend (have a look here: Then, hit the stores and complete on drinks and food, the greater number of the merrier, and head east. Grab yourself to Joshua Tree National Park, where you’ll be able to fully benefit from the off-roading capabilities of your new Jeep. Because with your Jeep, you may go off into the wilderness and set up wherever you desire, you won’t have to worry about staying in a normal camp site.


Though they say you aren’t supposed to do that, you won’t get caught as long as you set the camp near a rock that you can use as shelter. Also, you won’t want to make a blazing fire. So no bonfires! But which make it more exciting – it is possible to still have just a little fire. During the night, the smoke will be invisible and the light will be blocked by the rock you have put in place next to. Then you start popping those beers and that bottle of whiskey, eating those hot dogs and making some smores, and you are having the best weekend ever.


During the day, you may explore any and all parts of Joshua Tree. Feel the unique plant life and animals, take a little great photos. If you’re into country music, you can even visit the Gram Parsons memorial. In the event you aren’t an enormous GP fan, the legend of Gram Parsons and his awesome untimely death is an integral part of the Joshua Tree National Park experience, even.

Doing something wild and crazy over Memorial Day is the best way to make sure that your special weekend can be something you will remember forever. Too frequently we choose the easier path of staying home, watching TV, maybe a cook out on the Monday, after which before you know it, it’s back to work. If you wish to live with no regrets, you decide to go do something fun like Joshua Tree on a whim with some good friends and a new Jeep, although that lifestyle is okay for a few.

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